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To suit 6.5 - 9 cm pot


C= Cutting: RP= Rooted Plant
Abromeitiella (Deuterocohnia)- Alpine succulent bromeliad.
brevifolia Grows anywhere. Low, mound forming,evergreen perennial. Very hardy. Unusual green flowers. $8    
brevifolia form An unusual smooth leaved form of brevifolia. Leaves are a brighter green than brevifolia. Rare. $8
chlorantha Tiny miniature variety. $8    
cooperi   $8    
cristatus var. zeyheri Bright green leaves with undulating/crimped ends. $8    
farmgrasbergensis Silver leaves with purple spots. $8
marianiae "tanqua" Club shaped leaves densely packed. Very ornate. $8    
maculatus (trigynus)   $8    
hemisphaericus Rounded chalky white leaves. $8    
Aeonium- see also Greenovia
arboreum var. albovariegatum White/green striped form of arboreum.  $10    
arboreum var. atropurpureum Similar to "Schwartzkopf", but green-purple leaves $8    
arboreum cultivar "Schwarzkopf" click for photo Rich, black purple leaves. $8    
diplocycla Currently unavailable.  
haworthii (gomerense) "Tricolor" click for photo A striking variegated form. $8    
lindleyi The reputed Euphorbia sap antidote. $8    
sedifolium Small leaved Aeonium. Forms a compact mound. Leaves have red tannic stripes. $8    
tabuliformae click for photo Very short stems bearing plate like rosettes to 50cm across,of many spoon shaped bright green leaves.Likes a shadier spot. $8    
americana var. marginata aurea Reverse variegation to mediopicta. $10    
americana var. mediopicta Leaves have blue margins, creamy white midstripe.  $8   To suit 20cm pot, $16
angustifolia       To suit 15-20cm pot, $16
attenuata Stunning landscaping plant.     Large plants avail. Contact us.
bracteosa       To suit 14cm pot, $25
colorata       To suit 14cm pot, $16
ferdinandi-regis    $8    
filifera    $8    
macroacantha       Large offset $15
parrasana $8  
parryi    $8    
parviflora   $8    
pototorum v. minima variegata   $15    
schidigera Beautiful miniature form with curly threads from leaf margins.     Offset $15
stricta   Please contact us for availability and price.    
stricta v. 'nana' click for photo Compact form of stricta $8    
toumeyana Compact plant, looks like filifera X parviflora Please contact us for availability and price.    
victoriae-reginae  Stunning Agave.  $10    

 large cutting $10

arenicola    $10    
bakeri Miniature. Reddish brown leaves, spotted white. Flowers yellow tinged orange.  $8    
brevifolia click for photo Compact rosettes of blue leaves, toothed margins. $8    
brevifolia var. depressa Wider leaved form $10    
ciliaris Many headed bushy Aloe.  $8    
deserti    $8    
descoinsii . $8    
distans    $8    
humilis    $8    
millottii Rare plant. C $8    
mitriformis    $8    
parvula    $15    
rauhii   $8    
variegata  The partridge Aloe. Very ornamental.  $8    
vera  Sap used for healing burns and other skin problems.  $8    
Aloe X gasteria   $8    
striata X saponeria Blue/green leaf, spotted white. Pink-red toothed margin.  $8    
Chamaealoe africana   $8    
arachnoides   $8    
rufescens   $8    
deltoidea Super rare, very slow growing. $15    
herreri   $10    
kilimandscharica    $15    
saundersonii Cuttings only available.  C $8    
succulenta Thick stem, nice dark green leaves with white veins. Flowers cream, flecked with red.2-3cm long.  C $8    
woodii Chain of hearts.  $8    
woodii (variegated)    $8    
tuberosa Caudiciform plant  $10 (root starting to swell)    
ficiforme  Evening flowering. Scented
incurvum var. leucanthum  White flower
"Shyoushyou"  Japanese hybrid. Pink flowers
"Syugogyoku"  Japanese hybrid. Orange flowers
truncatum  Evening flowering. Scented.
ladysmithensis   $8    
orbiculata    $8    
orbiculata fm. variegata Miniature, variegated form. C $8    
orbiculata v. oophylla   $8    
orbiculata v. oophylla minima Thinner leaved form of oophylla $8    
tomentosa   $8    
tomentosa fm. variegata   $8    
arborescens     $6  
arborescens var. undulatifolium   $4    
argentea (ovata) "Jade Tree" or "Lucky Plant".One of the small tree-forming crassulas, which are perfect for bonsai. Leaves green with red edges, more pronounced in winter. $4 $6  
argentea cv.''gollum'' See photo of whole plant- $4 $6  
argentea cv. "gollum" form Upside down leaved form $4 $6  
argentea cv."ladyfingers" Elegant form of gollum, has thinner, longer leaves. See photo of whole plant- $4 $6  
argentea cv. "Hummels' sunset"  The "Golden Jade Tree" $4 $6  
arta   $6    
capitella ssp. capitella Leaves turn bright red in Autumn/Winter. C $4    
cordata   $4    
falcata The "Propeller Plant". Bright red flowers.   $8  
falcata v. minima   $6    
"Jade Necklace" click for photo   $6    
marnieriana   $6    
muscosa form cristata  Interesting crested form $6    
muscosa form variegata  Variegated form. $6    
obliqua form variegata Beautiful variegated leaves, slow growing but grows to a nice bonsai specimen. $4
perforata fm. variegata   $6    
pyramidalis   $8    
socialis click for photo   $4 $6  
sp.     $6  
"Tom Thumb" click for photo   $4    
Cynanchum - Asclepiadaceae
marnieriana   C $5    
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