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The Mosquito Plant. (Ruscus hypoglossus) $10

A leafy plant to a height of approx. 40cm. Suitable for pot or garden. Likes a shady position. Great for providing interest as a clump in a shady part of the garden or to create a carpet of green under trees.

The Mosquito Plant displays the unusual characteristic of having its flowers positioned on the centre of the leaves (cladophylls), thus giving the plant its name.

Amorphophallus konjac $15

Also known as the "snake plant". One of the more unusual plants in the Arum family. The bulb produces one large branched leaf to a height of around 1m, with an unusual patterned stem. The leaf emerges in Summer. When the bulb reaches flowering size it produces an amazing single flower with a dark purple spathe in Spring. Photos below show the flower and leaf (close up of stem and developing leaf). Plants for sale are several years off flowering size but when in leaf can be fertilised fairly heavily to encourage bulb growth.