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To suit 5cm Pot


To suit 9cm pot

C=Cutting: RC=Rooted Cutting: RP=Rooted Plant
albilanata var. micromeris   $10  
"Arizona Snowcap" click for photo A true miniature. Excellent windowsill cactus. $8    
bocasana var. multilanata   $8    
bombycina   $8    
elongata   $8    
elongata form cristata click for photo  The brain cactus. $10 $15  
geminispina     $15  
gracilis A true miniature. Excellent windowsill cactus. $8    
gracilis var. fragilis An even smaller miniature. Proliferates to a mass of tiny heads.Competes with Blossfeldia liliputana as the smallest cactus. $10    
hahniana click for photo The "old lady cactus". Beautiful hairlike, long white spines. Pink flowers, $8    
knippeliana   $8    
longimamma See Dolicothele $10 $15 Large plants to suit 15cm pot $25
plumosa "Feather Cactus". $7 $9  
plumosa fm globosa The golf ball form. $8 $10  
prolifera var. haitiensis   $8    
prolifera var. texana click for photo Spines less dense than haitiensis, yellow. $5    
scheidiana white spined form $8    
scrippsiana click for photo Currently unavailable      
spinosissima   $8    
spinosissima var. cristata   $15    
corynoides Dark green plant with strong white spines. $10    
erinaceus Very hardy cactus. Good flowerer all summer long. $8    
polzii   $5    
pygmaea   $5    
Morawetzia - Hairy cactus.
doelziana       C $10
sericata   $10 $15  
concinnus click for photo   $8    
leninghausi "Golden torch" $8    
magnificus click for photo   $8    
otonis   $8    
rutelens Watermelon coloured flowers $8    
schlosseri   $8    
scopa var. albispina fm. prolifera click for photo White spined multi offsetting plant. $8 $9  
scopa var. prolifera Red and white spined multi offsetting plant. $8    
Nyctocereus - Night flowering, superb scent. Cuttings are easy to root.
serpentinus click for photo       C $8
erinacea Very hairy opuntia. Pads grow to 10-15 cm. Size of pads sold: 5-10cm.   $20  
ficus indica One of the fabulous invasive "Prickly Pear" family. Edible fruits.     C for 20cm pot $10
fulgida var.mamillata   $8    
fulgida var.mamillata, crested form. "The boxing glove cactus" $15    
microdasys Golden areoles/glochids. Pad size:10-15 cm. $8 $10  
microdasys-(clone)click for photo Sparse areoles, short glochids. Padsize: 5-10 cm. $8    
microdasys fm. cristata Wavy form. Pad size: 5-10cm. Excellent specimen plant. $15    
microdasys var. rufida fm. minima Miniature form. Highly branched. Brown glochids (spines). $8    
microdasys "alba"click for photo White "teddy bear" cactus.Smaller pads, denser areoles. Most ornamental $8    
subulata form cristata     $20  
subulata form minima Attractive miniature form. $8

vulgare form variegata

Miniature, monstrose, variegated, opuntioid cactus. $8    
name unknown 1 Large silver-blue pads (40cm diam. Up to 10cm thick).     $15 per pad
name unknown 2 Beautiful bristly spined green pads. Good pot or garden specimen. Doesn’t get too large.   C $8  
Oreocereus - Hairy cerei. Strongly spined. Beautiful plants.
celcianus Similar to Oreocereus trollii (see picture) $8    
maculatus Mostly triangular stemmed, marbled colouration green/grey. C $8    
Pereskia - The "missing link" cactus.
aculeata var. godseffiana Gold/orange leaves, red undersides. $8 $15  
azureus Blue skin, gold spines. $8 $15  
deminuta Orange flowers. $8    
fabrisii var. aurieflora click for photo Prolific flowerer. Orange/yellow flowers $8    
fulviseta Like deminuta, but darker spines. Smaller bodied, thinner petalled flower (spidery). $8    
kupperiana Like deminuta,but longer, browner central spines. Larger flower. $8    
senilis click for photo Currently unavailable      
Rhipsalis - See also Lepismium. All grow from cuttings easily.
capilliformis (form 1) Thin, glossy, vibrant green stems.     C $7
capilliformis (form 2) Finer stems, very small flower.     C $7
cerescula Medium thickness stem, "hairy" stems, becomes very bushy and very florific.     C $7
houletiana The "fish tail cactus" C $7
pilocarpa Very bushy Rhipsalis.     C $7
(Hatiora) salicornioides "drunkard's bottle" Stem segmented, each segment shaped like a bottle. Orange flower.     C $7, To suit 15cm basket $20
floccosaclick for photo "Pencil" thick stems, flowers to 2cm.     C $7
Selenicereus - Queen of the Night.
grandiflorus Epiphytic, long stems, climbs and trails. Large flowers, open at night.   C $8  
Seticereus-see Haageocereus
Soehrensia - Contact us for sizes and prices.
articulatis var. diadematus small bodied form $8    
articulatis var. paediophilus Extremely long wiry spines.(to 15cm) $25 per cutting.     C: 1 segment, $25
articulatis var. papyracantha large bodied form, with much larger spines.   C or RP $10  
glomeratus var. fulvispinus Forms a lovely golden mound of tephro. segments. C $6    
mandragora   $15 $25  
weberi Wiry spined tephro. Imported by Cactusland from Argentina.


Trichocereus (Echinopsis)
bridgesii     C or RP $15  
bridgesii -monstrose form The infamous "penis plant".   Cuttings $15 (easy to grow)  
grandiflorus click for photo Red flowered variety. The deep red flowered form.   C $10  
pachanoi       C 30cm $25. Includes extra cost to offset postage- these are heavy!
peruvianus       C 10-15cm $30
spachianus   $8    

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